Start Over with A Beauty Blog

Oh, hello there! *straight face*

No. I can’t, actually. I’m too excited to start all over again with this blog. First, perhaps I need to re-introduce myself to the internet citizens. I’m Hanifa from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This is my very first post on this blog called “Beauty by Hanifa” because, obviously, I want to be more focus on beauty contents.


For you information, I’m not new in this kind of blogging thing. I already have my own blog called “A Girl Thoughts”. The thing is, I don’t feel I can see a future with a domain named “honeyvha” because it’s too… complicated to pronounce, I guess? So, yes, I’m here to start over before it’s too laaate.

On “A Girl Thoughts”, actually I wrote bunch of stuffs. I was that “gado-gado” blogger who wrote whatever I want to write. Recently, I’m more aware of this fast-pace internet contents. I think if I have to be serious, I need to focus on one thing I really really really passionate about.

And I found it: beauty.

So, here I am, willing to serve you a high quality beauty contents. I’m still writing on honeyvha(dot)com, of course. But, slowly, I will also write and grow this blog as what I’ve done on my previous blog. I hope you’re enjoying the contents I write later.

I feel this blog won’t be enough for further interaction. If you don’t mind, you can connect with me on Instagram @honeyvha_ and Twitter @honeyvha_. I’m looking forward for discussions, questions, and gossip. HAHAHA.

That’s all and see you on my next post!